5 stars finance is a web directory that offers you an authentic platform to increase your online presence and increase traffic to your site through links. Links are a great way to increase your website traffic through back linking. To promote this, we have a wide range of categories to accommodate your niche. Currently, we have 14 categories which include among other, arts and music, sports, business, home and family, computers, etc. these 14 categories are then broken down to sub categories. Each category has its own sub categories which results to two hundred and forty three subcategories.

To enhance your links, we provide free link correction services. The site management is a team of professional and certified SEO experts who have years of experience in SEO work. With the harsh Google penguins related to links, we advice accordingly to ensure that the links you place on the site are correct. We provide a featured links segment, which help you to track the most trending niches and place your links in there for improved prominence.

The primary objective of 5 stars finance is to increase the prominence of your site and increase traffic to your site. To do this, we are committed to foreseeing an authentic site. For this reason, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that the links submitted to 5 stars finance are not only authentic, but also well structured. To promote this objective, we have several flexible link submission packages to promote satisfaction. If you are starting your business and you are operating on a tight budget, we offer free link submission platform.

Under the free link service, we have two subtypes, the free regular links and free regular links with reciprocal. The regular link service allows you to submit your site’s link only while the reciprocal services requires that your link the directory to your site before your site can be linked to the directory. In addition to these, we have the paid services. For a paid regular link, you will spend $4.95 while for the paid featured service, it costs only $9.95. These services help to boost your links listing which in turn increases the probability of your site.

Moreover, the interface on which you load your link is very easy to use. The details required are few and easy to fill. Actually, you do not need to be a computer geek to use it. Once you are on the submit link interface, the services available at 5 stars finance are all listed and all you do is to select that which you prefer.

For any issues, we are available 24/7. For the common issues regarding use of our services, we have a FAQ page, which provides the Answers to the questions you might have. If your issue is not covered on the FAQ page, feel free to contact us through the contact us page of our site, through an email or though a call.

Therefore, increase the traffic to you site by adopting effective and easy link building services available at 5 stars finance now.

Submission policy

To post your link to 5starsFinance.com is guided by simple and clear polices that you will find easy to adhere to.

  • it is your responsibility to mange the content of your site, 5starsFinance.com can not be held responsible of any content in the websites /linked to our site
  • 5starsFinance.com does not encourage or allow the posting of websites of an adult nature or containing content that would be deemed to be so.
  • Posts and articles posted in our site should not be copied from other sites and if so, the right procedure should be observed to ensure not infringement of patent rights.

Submission of any posts, articles or links should be done with respect to the set categories to ensure that the subject of the content is placed in the right category.